Virtual Credit Cards Are Useless for PayPal Account Verification

If you have been Frustrated by your PayPal account’s receiving and sending limits, inability to draw to your bank account, and limitations on buying items that need verified accounts, you have to have already been lured to the pretentious gimmick of digital credit cards or VCCs. VCC’s work much like a debit card, in a way that they just have a few bucks of funding – sufficient to verify that a PayPal account and as soon as you have depleted the card’s financing, you cannot use them anymore. You will only have to buy another one that is a rip-off if you ask us. These are the two of the 3 things you will have to verify a PayPal account, actually. When you join the card into your account, you will need an Expanded Use or Expos√© amount which will be sent by PayPal to the VCC’s trade history a few seconds later connecting it to the account. The VCC vendor will then give you the code and voila, you now have a verified PayPal account! This is where the true pain in the neck starts.

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First of all, PayPal Doesn’t endorse any third-party VCCs in any way and only advises its users to verify their account with a debit card or credit card backed by a reliable financial institution, including a bank. Second, PayPal routinely checks the presence of account-linked credit amounts in their system. Once your VCC dies or becomes obsolete, you will be prompted to join another working debit or credit card. Once PayPal finds out the VCC loophole you have partaken in, your account in the possibility of being suspended. And, should you get suspended, you cannot re-register using the very same credentials until you file for an appeal. Finally, almost 80 percent of PayPal Checkout pages will ask that you re-enter your credit card details if you have been suspected of using a VCC. Needless to say, as soon as you enter the credit card information, you will be surprised to learn that the card amount and CVV aren’t working anymore. But if it is any Consolation for VCC users, they could still withdraw cash in their bank account, provided they take the possibility of receiving their account probed thoroughly.

After reading this Message, you are going to come into awareness of just how useless a VCC actually is, and just how impractical it becomes in only the first couple weeks of using it. As thoughtful advice, I’d recommend you to choose debit card, because some financial institutions offer you the lifetime use of it to get a yearly renewal of just $10, with no minimum balance required. If your PayPal balance is insufficient, the system will directly charge your connected debit card account for the purchase price. And, debit cards would be the safer choice, because¬†PayPal Money Adder won’t be finished if you don’t have enough funds in your bank account.