Imagination and Comfort of Child Wall Mural

Was going through my emails the other day and came across a message from one of my friends from California. Their names are Pete and Betty. They are a married couple from San Diego. They have a beautiful home overlooking the sea. Pete is a company owner. He owns a landscaping firm. Betty is works and a lawyer for the county. Pete and Betty have two children. They are twins. Both of them are women and feel they turned five years old. First met Pete and Betty when I was living in San Diego a couple of years back They happened to be members of the same gym as me. I would usually encounter both of them doing laps at the gym swimming pool. After a while they became great friends of me and my husband.

Wall Murals

Anyhow, got an email from them a day or two in the email they stated they were doing great and had a new decorating project going to start in their dwelling. They also said they knew I was the only wall decoration adviser that they knew and had wanted to find a fantastic suggestion for their decorating project. From there they went on to say that both young girls, at age five, are no more babies. They have grown into two young kids that were beautiful. They proceeded to write the decor of the bedrooms was outgrown. The girls are no more infants and it is time to change the subject of their rooms from infants to young ladies. They were searching for a proposal from me in the direction of what sort of bedroom decoration would take both of the rooms to another step in the development of the children’s lives.

Child wall mural so went to work. My study found many unusual and interesting¬†wall murals that go well with children the same age as Pete and Betty’s women. Went online and browsed several of my favorite wall mural websites. The first site researched had well over 250 kid wall murals created for young girls. This was almost too much to handle, but remembered that the decision making was entirely on Pete and Betty and their two small girls. All I was doing is a bit of research before responded with my thoughts of kid wall murals for your kid’s bedrooms. The second website Browsed was rather different from the first. This website was committed to children’s wall murals. This website had woman’s wall murals in beautiful pastel colors of different topics like painted flower designs, rainbows, magical beneath sea adventures, pastel unicorn, butterfly castle and Cinderella castle.