Surround Your Home With Positive Vibes With Singapore FengShui

Before you begin, fengshui is a set of beliefs, practices, and statements that originate from the ancient civilizations of China. Fengshui literally translates to wind and water. It is one of the five metaphysical arts that talk in depth about the many forces, invisible to the naked eye, that hold our universe together with the humankind, and all the five elements.

 This metaphysical art is taken into consideration while making architectural designs building of homes and workplaces. Also, it is believed that the correct use of different objects, directions and doing any activity in a specific method will bring harmony to your house or workplace and help you thrive all the while keeping the bad energy out of the way.


Fengshui objects:  This art also uses several tokens of good luck such as animal figurines like crystal, metallic or wooden turtles, roosters and dragon which bring harmony, peace and wealth. It also uses wind operated wind chimes, bronze bells, and coins to keep a serene environment in the house. Other objects involved in this art include mirror, plants, flowers, water fountains, Buddha statues, fountain pens, fish tanks and aquariums et cetera.  There are also varied rules to place these living and non-living objects.

So, get the best advice from the fengshui experts and create a peaceful and positive aura around your house and workplace to thrive in your life with your family, stay healthy and prosper, with singapore feng shui.